Meet-Day Planning is offered to those who are competing in events we are unable to attend  but still want to take advantage of our expertise on game day. With meet day planning, lifters submit an online questionnaire that includes a number of questions about past meet performances, current lifts attained in training, goals for the upcoming contest and a number of logistical questions.  Recent video footage of heaviest training lifts in each discipline leading up to the meet (singles, doubles, triples) are also required. From there we collaborate to form a game plan. Included in the game plan are warm-up sets along with attempt selection for all 9 attempts.  For lifters not currently on the Iron Arena roster, Meet Day Planning is $70/competition.

 This service is included for all lifters already receiving Online Programming and those receiving Meet Day Coaching.

“Game day (Raw Nationals) was coming up.  I was nervous and knew I needed an experienced coach/lifter in my corner.  Jason told me about his Meet Day Planning service and I hired him.  It was one of the best decisions I made as he made all the right calls for my attempts all the way up into my final deadlift to help me bring home the gold.  If you’re looking for someone, he’s your guy.”

-Bill Tenerelli (59kg. Weight Class)