The Road to Raw Nationals sounds like the Major Leagues of Raw Lifting. It is where athletes "Bring It"; All or Nothing. I did not know this was the road, I'd be walking; taking steps toward a National Win. When I walked into the doors of Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance, I was looking for strict programming, one that would set me up to become a better lifter. I met Coach Jason Manenkoff, told him of my goals and we got to work. Who would've thought that in just a few short months after our intro, that I'd be standing on the platform as a National Champion.

Competing at Raw Nationals was Electrifying! I was excited about Everything. My teammates were there at every turn. I knew how much they supported me and I was ready to give it my all. Backstage was where the adrenaline rose greater. All the athletes awaiting their turn to lift, but the only person that I had eyes on was "My Coach". The only thing that mattered at this heart throbbing moment was what he would say. When he said move, I moved, when he said "It's almost time", I gave those wrist wraps a turn, and when he said "Showtime", I slapped in the mouth-piece, and decorated my hands with chalk ..."Let's Go Baby"!!!!

Each lift was surreal, Lights, Camera Action! I knew what we worked for, together; it wasn't just me lifting. Everyone who believed in me, especially my teammates, All those hands touched the bar. That's the drive, the unmeasurable energy that made my lifts successful. And when those Shiny White Bulbs flashed, I couldn't hold in my excitement. It meant, the training was Spot On, My Coach was Right On and I had done Well. I'm full of gratitude and honored to be a National Champ. 

-Andrea White, 2015 USAPL Raw National Champion 57 kg./125 lb. Weight Class (413.5kg/911lb @ 56.2kg/123.6 bodyweight), American Record holder Deadlift (186kg/410lb) total (911 lbs.) 


I have worked with Jason for roughly two years, and the experience has been exceptional.  I have had significant increases in all three lifts.  Jason is extremely detail oriented and focuses on your specific needs – no generalized programming here.  Each meet I competed in had a well thought out plan that we discussed together prior to the big day.  Jason always had time for my questions and took my input seriously.  Jason knows the sport of powerlifting inside and out – when you combine his knowledge and his passion, he is simply one of the best in the business.  Bottom line: if you want to get stronger and know you have an expert in your corner, working with Jason is a no brainer.  

-Julia Eckart, 57 kg/125 lb. Weight Class (380kg/837lb total)

"Dependable, Dedicated, Professional. I can always count on Jason to deliver helpful feedback and truly personalized programming on a tight schedule. He takes his job and his lifters’ progress very seriously and is very effective at what he does, all while remaining approachable and hilariously fun to interact with.

It is obvious from a glance that Jason is truly passionate about powerlifting. Whether it's 2pm or 2am, I know that Jason's mind is on powerlifting, and whether I'm at his gym or training alone, I know that Jason has my back. At my last meet, the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge, even though he was 500mi away Jason was still with me every step of the way, encouraging me and strategizing about attempts by text.

Jason's smart programming and meet day coaching have made it possible for me to finally achieve the results that I know I am capable of. Before meeting Jason, my lifts plateaued for a very long time and I was no longer sure that they would improve. Now, I can count on consistent progress. With Jason in my corner, I know my hard work will pay off."

-Alice Zheng, 63 kg./138 lb. Weight Class (412.5kg/909lb total)


"I'm a huge believer that to excel in a specific skill, find a smarter, dedicated and more experienced teacher in that field and absorb as much of their knowledge as possible. A great teacher can bring out your unexpected potential and make you better at what you do. Jason has this unique talent of making people better. Any goal I set has always been surpassed tenfold. My technique, performance, and personal coaching skills have all greatly improved since training with Jason. I'm mostly grateful to Jason for a more priceless lesson learned: NOT TO SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY. That's what makes him a true COACH and exceptional ATHLETE; giving nothing less than 110% to his work and own personal competitive sport."

-Cynthia St. Clair, Powerlifting Coach, Pilates Instructor, (123lb/57kg)

"I recently overheard a comment made at a powerlifting meet: "Jason you always get results.""

"I could not agree more. His passion and dedication to the betterment of his athletes is evident in every conversation we have shared. Jason's breadth of knowledge, patience, and unique ability to bring out the best in every individual he trains is the hallmark of an excellent coach. In the time I've been working with him, I've watched my technique improve and my athletic performance flourish in ways that I have never been able to achieve on my own. Through his programming and critique I have dramatically increased my PRs, but even more importantly, gained confidence in my performance. Jason is a constant source of support and motivation to be better, stay focused, and never back down."

-Sin Leung, (123 lb.)