"I have visited training facilities across the country and around the globe. 
If you are seeking a professional atmosphere in which to maximize your strength and endurance, IRON ARENA has set the bar to a new level. Manenkoff's knowledge, experience and dedication is the gold standard. It quite simply doesn't get any better than this."

- Gary S. Branfman, M.D. , F.A.C.S., (Owner @ Victoria Plastic Surgery Center)

"I started working with Jason about 6 months ago. I was coming back from a few year period rattled by injuries and inconsistent training. Thanks to Jason's programming I'm stronger than ever been before and have gained over 20 pounds of lean body mass these last 6 months. His attention to detail, ability to modify programming to consistently facilitate progress and relentlessly inspire you towards new PR's is phenomenal. What I enjoy most about working with Jason is his approach to training- he utilizes time-tested principles for strength gains and seamlessly blends multiple new age training methodologies for maximum gains. The Iron Arena is also one of the best training environments I've ever lifted in- raw, sweaty, and old school yet armed with some of the best equipment in the industry."

-Tom Van Ornum, DPT, FAFS

"As a strength coach myself, I was a bit weary of having someone else coach me but I put my bench press in Jason’s hands. I had known Jason for a few years prior to starting coaching with him and as an athlete I knew his work ethic was top notch. The hard work and technical mastery I witnessed in Jason’s training were certainly evident in his coaching. Jason was truly committed to my success and was always able to answer my questions. Overall, my experience working the Jason was excellent and I would definitely recommend his services."

Josh N., MD, CSCS, "The Strength Doc"