"As a competitive athlete during and post college I have been involved in all types of training, with many different coaches. I have been training with Jason for over four years. Jason is the first trainer I've worked with who has a personal interest in my goals and how I achieve them. He is motivating, knowledgeable and practices what he preaches. Everything he develops is specific to my needs and how I work. Jason never accepts mediocre performance and he never gives it. He's always focused 100% on me during my time with him and continues to research and send me information and updates while I'm out of the gym to help me stay focused on my goals. After recent knee surgery Jason reviewed my files to ensure he developed a training program that had me back in the gym one week post-op; slowly and intelligently working me to a higher level of performance than I had before the surgery. I would not have trusted anyone else. Jason pushes himself to the limit and expects the same from his clients."

-Danielle Ettl


"I am a 36 year old mother of two. I started training with Jason in 2005 prior to having children. I have always participated in competitive dance, gymnastics and cheerleading but now consider myself to be i n the best shape of my life. Jason helped me tremendously by training me hard yet sensibly throughout my pregnancies which allowed me to bounce back quickly. As a mother of two young children, getting to the gym can be a task in and of itself. When you are tired and busy it is easy to skip workouts or not train with the same intensity. I love knowing that at least twice a week I will have a hard-core workout that I could not push myself to do without Jason."

-Cara Strashov



"Jason was not only my coach, but fellow track teammate as well. His work ethic as a competitive athlete, and knowledge of training, is the foundation for his successful coaching. While training along side him for 8 years, his energy and drive were contagious. He pushed me to the point I would NEVER have been able to do alone. He refused to give up on me, always motivated me to train harder, and brought me to a level on the track that I had only dreamed of; Achieving personal bests in several events years after college."

-Kerri Gannon, 3 Time NCAA Track & Field All-American, Speech-Language Pathologist





"If you're interested in getting real results check this place out."

I've been a distance runner for close to 10 years. During that time I've tried to become more well-rounded by working with a variety of trainers. I lacked core and upper body strength and had horrible form when I trained. I looked and looked for someone to give me guidance. I never found the right fit in a trainer.

I started working with Jason last winter while I was training for a marathon that was really important to me and have been thrilled with the results. He's a stickler about doing everything correctly (very important, especially for me since form is not my strength) and it shows. I'm much more toned, am stronger and have a lot more confidence. I ran my best half marathon time after a few months working with him. A huge deal for me since I've done more than 25 half marathons before this.

If you told me I would be training at a gym called "Iron Arena" last year I would have laughed at you. Now, I'm happy to be part of Jason's new venture. It's a great space and the mid-town location is awesome."

-Elizabeth Moss

I have seen Jason train both competing athletes as well as regular people (those who work desk jobs), and have witnessed his almost uncanny ability to get ordinary folks to do extraordinary things. He is hugely motivating, and a great teacher of skills. As a former colleague, I learned a lot from him.

Training with Jason, you may find you suddenly have a great desire to lift heavier, run faster, swing higher than you ever did before.

Where does this strength and ability come from? Your own willingness to succeed, of course, but also a great coach. Worth every penny."

-Renee Gilbert, Performance Coach