Online programming is offered to those who are unable to physically train at our facility but still want to take advantage of our expertise. We work with lifters across the globe. Canada and England are home to lifters outside of the United States currently on our roster.

Personalized training programs are designed to accomodate the individual needs of our lifters.  We employ a variety of training methods backed by science and evidence-based practice/application from years of personal experience.



Prior to working with us, lifters are required to fill out a lengthy online questionnaire covering their physical history along with questions specific to training. Recent video footage of 1RM’s in each of the 3 disciplines (may be heavy triple or double unless contest footage is available) is also a prerequisite.

Online Programming and Meet Preparation is done via email. Weekly training is sent (Excel spreadsheet) every Sunday evening. Upon conclusion of the week's training, the spreadsheet is returned by the lifter Saturday including the completed sets, reps, weights, RPEs, additional comments, and video when applicable.  Training videos are sent along with the spreadsheet via links from YouTube or Instagram. This ongoing feedback is crucial for the athlete and coach as the following week's training is developed based on this information.  Nothing is left to chance including meet week weight manipulation (if necessary) and meet day game planning/attempt selection. 

Providing service adhering to the Principle of Individuality takes time, therefore we cap our roster at 25 which allows each lifter to receive an equal amount of attention.

Online programming (all 3 lifts) is $170.00/month.

Programming for single lift (e.g. Bench Press only) competitors is $85.00/month with a 3-month commitment paid in full ($255.00).

Those that live nearby that want to complete their workouts at Iron Arena have the option to do so at a discounted membership rate.


  • Monthly re-occuring Electronic Funds Transfer through Debit or Credit Card
  • PayPal®
  • Cash

I’ve been lifting for nearly 36 years and during that time I’ve had the privilege of meeting and talking to some of the best lifters and coaches in the country. In my experience, too many coaches use cookie cutter routines taken from other lifters and pass it off as it it will be a magic bullet. What sets Jason apart as one of the best in the business is the ability to customize programs for the specific needs of individual clients. It takes a lot to be able to do programming for an average lifter as well as world class champions!

-Danny Aguirre, (181 lb. Weight Class)


Another service offered in addition to Online Programming and in conjunction to all of our training memberships is "Sport Nutrition Programming". Heading our nutritional program is Micheal Israetel of Renaissance Periodization®.

Dr. Israetel along with Dr. Jennifer Case are committed to providing our clients with the most scientifically-backed sport nutrition consultation services. Their services include nutritional coaching (with constant communication, feedback, and adjustment) so that our clients can achieve their fitness goals. These goals range on a broad spectrum, and include weight/fat loss, weight/muscle gain, and strength/training enhancement. Whatever your goals in fitness, their nutritional guidance in addition to Iron Arena's online programming can help.

*Nutritional coaching is solely for body composition changes. It not meant to prevent, treat or cure any disease. We cannot work with any clients with a history of diagnosed eating disorders, diabetes, or any other metabolic or digestive tract related diseases. The cost for Online Programming w/ Sport Nutritional Programming is $300.00/month.


Memberships dues must be received no later than the 1st of each month/prior to the commencement of services. 

Paid amounts are non-transferable and non-refundable.