"After I moved to Hoboken, I searched high and low for a serious strength and performance gym that could accommodate my specific training needs. As a competitive Muay Thai Kickboxer and Olympic Weightlifter, I was looking for a gym that catered to serious athletes with functional strength training goals. Shortly after I started training at Iron Arena, Jason started writing formal programs for me. I told Jason I had two main objectives: first, I wanted to improve my endurance and conditioning so I could get back into fighting shape. Second, I wanted to get stronger in all areas without compromising my Olympic lifting technique. I am just 10 weeks into Jason's program and the results have been staggering. My muscle endurance and cardio have improved dramatically, my bench press has gone up 40lbs, and my deadlift has gone up 80lbs. During the course of this program I haven't changed my diet, I haven't taken any whey protein or any other nutritional supplements for that matter. My body weight has stayed the same but my body composition has improved dramatically. This all a direct result of Jason's training program."

-Steven Huang, Amatuer Muay Thai Kickboxer/Olympic Weightlifter


"I’ve been working with Jason since I was 14 years old. My original goals were to improve my strength, size, and speed in order to prepare myself for collegiate level soccer. My freshman year of high school I came in weighing 123 pounds and had no strength training knowledge whatsoever. Throughout High School (2006-2010) Jason worked with me tirelessly to improve my weight lifting strength, mechanics, and form. Going into my freshman year of college I had gained 48 pounds of lean body mass, improved my speed, agility, and balance, and was named one of the top 51 Soccer Players in New Jersey. In college I was named the All-Conference Team, was part of back-to-back Championship teams. I can honestly say that without Jason’s guidance and personalized approach I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have. I am now 23 years old and over the past 9 years, working with Jason has produced results beyond my expectations and I will continue working with him in order to take my ability and strength to the next level."

-Andrew Hayes

"Jason was my strength and speed coach when I competed in skeleton. Explosive starts are critical in the sport. Jason took the initiative to learn about the sport and really understand what was necessary to succeed in it. Then he applied his track and strength training knowledge to customize a training program for me that improved both my start and finish times. Even though I don't slide competitively anymore, working with Jason has motivated and guided me to get even stronger while still maintaining that athlete's edge. You won't find a more knowledgeable, professional or dedicated coach than Jason Manenkoff."

-Jeff Kempa



"Quite a few years ago - my doctor (Orthopedic Surgeon-Dr. P. Foddai) stated- "These MRI images look like the lower back of a 90 year old." NOT GOOD! I've had several herniated disk and sciatic nerve attacks through the years. Not good at all. Seven years ago I was introduced to Jason Manenkoff and he immediately sized me up and put a plan together to slowly strengthen my lower back. I had my reservations - because of my apprehension of hurting my back and being in pain again. Through his efforts and patience (and my amazement) I am now able to SQUAT below 90 degrees with a loaded bar on my back, DEADLIFT, execute KETTLEBELL SWINGS, Bent Over Rows and other movements which prior I would not have been able to do. No more lower back pain!"

-Jorge Feliciano