#1 Cell phones are allowed for training purposes (barbell apps, logging your Training, video) only. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

 #2 Headphones are prohibited as they detract from a team-oriented environment. A lot can be learned by watching other lifters train and engaging in conversation between sets. Furthermore, everyone can use a hand loading and unloading plates/barbells, spotting, cueing and videotaping.

#3 Please be mindful of your surroundings, others, and use common sense. When someone is setting up for a lift, do NOT walk in front of him or her.

#4 Do NOT crush the blocks of chalk.

#5 Do NOT put anything on the upholstery (beverages or weights). Water bottles stain and weights stretch out the vinyl.

#6 Safeties in the combo racks must be set at the correct height for bench at all times. Safeties in the power racks must always be set at the correct height when squatting.

 #7 SQ and BP attempts over 90% require spotters.

 #8 Eleiko Colored Competition disks face out when on the trees. They are to be used ONLY on the combo racks for squat and bench and are not to be used on the deadlift platforms. Steel plates face out on the floor plate storage near the deadlift platform. Steel plates all face in on the power racks and plate trees.

 #9 When combo racks are not in use the bench goes back and bar is placed on bench cradles. When in use for squat, bench goes to the rear outside of the platform.

 #10 After use, ALWAYS wipe the head of the benches with the spray bottle and paper towels provided. (Failure to do so ruins the vinyl and makes the benches slippery). Clean debris from food and protein powder off of the table.

 #11 Front squats must be done on the outside of the Elitefts or Rogue rack only.

#12 Guests must be approved before entering the facility and are required to sign both a guest waiver and code of conduct. In addition guests subject to a $20 fee (day-pass).