"Whether you’re a novice lifter looking for a coach to get you through your first powerlifting meet or a veteran powerlifter looking for a coach to get you through the battle on game day, Jason is the coach you’re looking for.  I run several meets a year in New Jersey and his lifters are some of the best prepared. Jason has the experience, knowledge and the skill to help you perform your best. He’s a dedicated coach that puts in the time to help you reach your goals."

-John Dalessio (M2 83kg)
Powerlifting Events LLC.
USA Powerlifting New Jersey State Chairman

"As a top level competitor I always did what I thought has worked well for me in the past. After feeling like I hit a rut of no progress or just not getting the results I wanted, I decided to let Jason run my program going into Raw Unity Meet 7.  He did my program for squat and bench. I was very skeptical but decided the only way I can do this is if I put 100 percent into the program and trust him.  After 4 weeks on his program he told me I would bench 501 guaranteed and I would have a possible 507-513 in me.  He also said I would squat 600 in just knee sleeves at RUM which would actually top my best squat with knee wraps.  End result was a 596 squat in just knee sleeves (35lb PR) and a 501 raw bench.  Funny thing is I had more in my on both my 3rd attempts. Jason's attempt selection was on point and I hit all time meet PR of 1752@198 and I will continue to use his programming." 

-Garrett GUNZ Griffin (198 lb./220 lb.) , Iron Rebel

"I first met Jason at the Raw Unity 7 meet, where I underperformed on my bench. I was only able to go 1 for 3, hitting 30 pounds under my goal.  After the meet, Jason and I discussed a bit about his approach to training the bench press.  I was a little hesitant when I found out I’d be benching three times a week, but after looking at Jason’s track record, I decided I had nothing to lose. At the beginning of the training cycle, Jason noticed I was cutting my pauses short and got on my case.  At first I let my ego get in the way, but soon realized this was the reason I fell short at Raw Unity. After taking his advice and being more honest with my pauses, I quickly saw positive results.  In the 18 weeks of working with Jason, I was able to hit a 49 pound meet PR on my bench, helping me set the all-time drug tested world record in the 181 pound weight class.  Not only is Jason’s programming superb, but also he’s willing to be brutally honest, when you’re cutting yourself short. I highly recommend his training for anyone looking to better themselves as a lifter not only in the bench press but in all 3 powerlifting disciplines."

-John Haack (83 kg)

"Game day (Raw Nationals) was coming up.  I was nervous and knew I needed an experienced coach/lifter in my corner.  Jason told me about his Meet Day Planning service and I hired him.  It was one of the best decisions I made as he made all the right calls for my attempts all the way up into my final deadlift to help me bring home the gold.  If you're looking for someone, he's your guy."

-Bill Tenerelli (59kg)

"There are some Powerlifting coaches that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Jason as an outstanding Bench Presser and one of the top ranked full power competitors in the world has shown continued success as both a lifter and Powerlifting coach. Due to the knowledge he had shared with me regarding the success he has had with several lifters due to specificity and frequency of bench pressing I was influenced to change the way I train weeks prior to this meet. I can't wait to use his programming in prep for a full power meet in a couple months. With his planning, proven science behind it, and attention to detail, I truly feel I can take another big step to be among the top bench specialists and full meet competitors in the World."

-Phillip Brewer (165 lb.)

"I was struggling with my bench press, coming back from a rotator cuff tear and surgery that I had in 2012. Jason's tips, programming and instruction's really helped me to see some of the best gains I have had in my bench press in years. I saw an increase in my max paused bench of about 45 pounds over the course of 4 months using one of his bench press programs.  I have had numerous discussions with him on the phone and online and he has always been available when I have needed to bounce some ideas off of him."

-Perry Ellis (275 lb.)


"I've known Jason for a while now. Having never met, he invited me to his gym to train, which turned out to be one of my better bench sessions. After the hospitality he showed I felt welcome back anytime. Jason was the first person I reached out to when my own training methods felt stale. Prior to the 10 week program he put me on in preparation for an upcoming contest I was just "free styling"/training by feel. With his coaching I felt the need to push harder in an effort to get the most out of this methodology, which was all new to me. Doing so enabled me to earn another world record with a bench press of 636 lbs. in a drug tested raw federation. I will be going back for more."

-Pedro "The Brooklyn Beast" Mejias, (SHW)


"My experience with Jason Manenkoff has always been the same. He says what's on his mind and he stands by his decisions. He expresses his knowledge with passion and every conversation leaves me with a better understanding of whatever topic we were on. With that being said, Jason has that uncanny ability to bring the fire, strength, and focus out of his clients/colleagues. Jason embodies what it means to be a true coach."

-Edwin Vera Performance Coach (198 lb.)

"When I first got started into powerlifting, I knew that if I was going to have any success in the sport, it wasn't going to be on my own. Jason retooled all my techniques during an evaluation and it was just the beginning. Since that day Jason's programming has been on point into building a bigger total each and every meet. Jason expects the lifter to give 110% without cutting corners and he has no problem letting you know if he notices it. His track record on the platform speaks for itself but it's his expertise and knowledge in all three disciplines as a coach that separates him from the rest. His meet-day coaching is unparalleled and prides himself on perfect attempt selection. If you need any aspect of coaching in the powerlifting world, look no further than Jason Manenkoff and Iron Arena Powerlifting."

-Stephen Borchard (181 lb./83kg)

I asked Jason how he comes up with his programming and this is the best answer ever: "Much like a master chef in the kitchen. He can give you his recipes and show you how to do it but would you be able to prepare a dish as good as him? It's all about the tweaks etc and from years of experience you get good at your craft." To me that's a mark of a great coach!! Everything was done online and on the phone with about 2000+ miles between us! My numbers speak for the training I received!!"

-Brett Lanier, (181 lb.)


"I've been lifting for nearly 36 years and during that time I've had the privilege of meeting and talking to some of the best lifters and coaches in the country. In my experience, too many coaches use cookie cutter routines taken from other lifters and pass it off as it it will be a magic bullet.  What sets Jason apart as one of the best in the business is the ability to customize programs for the specific needs of individual clients."

-Danny Aguirre, (181 lb.)

"After my last powerlifting meet I knew that I had technique issues with my lifts, particularly in the squat. I knew that Jason was an expert in technique so I had to pay a visit to the doctor. I went to Iron Arena with an open mind. I was prepared to let go of old habits and open to listening to what Jason would suggest. It was uncomfortable at first both physically and mentally to try new things. Within one session with Jason he revamped my technique in the squat and deadlift. I practiced the new technique and competed this past weekend using Jason’s methods and I put 25 lbs on my squat and 15 lbs on my deadlift. I’d highly recommend working with Jason if you want to get the most out of your lifting."

-Eric Schwartz, Brand Manager at Universal Nutrition (ANIMAL), Powerlifter (198/220 lb.)


"When I first approached Jason, I wasn't a complete beginner - in fact, I did have some success on the platform with a Top 20 total in my weight class. But I scratched and clawed my way to every small PR, especially on the bench press which was always a struggle for me. I expect a lot from myself, but if you told me that, in less than five months, I would add 85 lbs. to my total (while staying in the same weight class), crack the Top 10, or have a full meet bench that would be good enough to qualify for the bench-only portion of Raw Unity, I would have thought you were nuts. But all of those things did in fact happen. It was up to me to put the work in, but Jason's programming and technique instruction, along with one of the best training environments out there, helped tremendously. Investing in a coach is not any easy decision by any means, but with results that exceed even the loftiest of expectations, I know I made the right choice, and I'll continue to work with Jason as I climb the rankings and compete among the best full meet lifters in the world."

- Manny Prieto, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, (67.5kg)

" Jason is an amazing coach and motivator. I love how honest and upfront he is with everyone he works with as a lifter or client. He doesn't sugar coat anything but speaks the truth because he wants each individual to be successful and reach their potential in the iron game.  Jason's programming also focuses a lot on volume and frequency of the main lifts. A year ago I would of thought he was crazy with the amount of work we do each week but I am a full time believer.  Jason is a valuable coach and asset to the sport of powerlifting. We need more individuals like him who want to see our sport grow and become better known among the masses."

-Joshua Guillory (165 lb.)

"I’ve been friends with Jason since 2008. Since that time, we have both developed personally and professionally…. He has really taken his skill set to the next level, while also elevating my fitness level. My first powerlifting meet was in November 2013. Thanks to his coaching and expertise, I took first place in the 198 lb. in my division. More importantly, I set three new personal records. A year later, I competed in my second meet, with the same end results, personal records in each of the three lifts and 90 lbs. added to my total. No bullshit, it’s very obvious that the level of skill and technique for Iron Arena athletes really sets the bar at these meets. I’m not even at a level where I notice every minute detail, but its surely noticeable. He’s got a good thing going on and I’m glad to be a part of it!"

-Jason Lombari (198/220 lb.)


"Jason coached my bench leading up to the 2014 USAPL American Open. The numbers should stand alone as a testimonial to the excellent instruction: after 12 weeks of following Jason's programming, I hit a 27 pound PR pushing my personal best from 336 to 363 lbs at a body weight of 178 lbs. He was in contact on a weekly basis and offered several valid form corrections. Perhaps most astoundingly, this progress matched my entire progress on the bench for the entire preceding year. I look forward to working with Jason in the future."

-Mike Tanzeer (181 lb.)

"When I first found Jason, I told him my lofty goals for the year, and he said I'd be there in six months. I didn't take that seriously. Six months later, he was right. I added 90 lbs. to my powerlifting competition total in that time (110 lbs. to my gym bests), while staying in the same weight class. If you're motivated and looking for results, Jason's on top of it. He's done it for himself, he's done it for many clients, and he's been doing it for a long time. He's very experienced, educated, and smart about his training. Not one for bro-science gym dogma. He knows when to amp it up beyond what I think I am capable of, and when to back it off. He's as motivated as I am about my progress, takes responsibility for it, and puts a lot of thought into planning it. Regardless of whether I can make it over to Iron Arena to train, or we stay in touch only via emailed videos of my sets at the local gym, Jason is always there for me, coaching me to reach my goals, and doing a damn fine job of it. I am literally the strongest I have ever been. And he tells me we are just getting started. I'm inclined not to take that seriously, but now I know, when it comes to training, Jason is right."

-Zafer Barutcuoglu, Quantitative Analyst, Powerlifter

"Jason’s meet experience and attempt selection is what sets him apart from my previous training. Anyone can read a book and setup a plan but everything isn't black and white on the platform come meet day."

-Wayne Coffey, (181 lb.)