So here it is, the 1st Edition of GEAR’D Up/ Iron Rebel Powerlifting Edition. We will be airing every Monday night 7pm PST and we will cover topics such as training, PED use (drugs), diets, and topics pertaining to current issues. No topic is off limits and we will have a special guest on the show every week. GEAR’D Up is the most respected podcast in bodybuilding so it’s an honor to be part of this on the Powerlifting side. If any of you have questions or topics you’d like us to cover email Edward Koo at edward(@)

Our special guest for Episode 1 of the GEARD Up Powerlifting Edition is Jason Manenkoff. Some of the topics discussed include:

RUM Debacle – Are calibrated weights necessary for World Records?
Raw with the Monolift. Should it count?
Judging standards and how can they be fixed?

Listen here...